As part of our admission process we invite prospective students to meet our Centre Managers. This gives us time to get to know and understand your training needs, and to make sure you are on the right level course.

Process for Assessing Learner Suitability

  • CV Provision – All students are asked to provide a CV if possible.

  • Interviews – All students are interviewed either on the phone or in person.

  • Wherever possible we try and interview in person as this gives us the opportunity to get to know the student better – This is sometimes difficult as distance learning students are not always able to come in.

  • During the interview, students are asked to detail their qualifications, job roles and experience so that we can understand what they have done and how their experience is recognised by us in determining their entry level.

  • We provide information on CIPS so that students understand the entry requirement, assessment methods, and hours of study so they are able to make a realistic decision and how to set aside enough time in which to do the work and achieve their ambitions.

  • CIPS guidelines – We generally follow the CIPS guidelines for enrolment, but as CIPS allow us to make our own decisions regarding enrolment, we use our own discretion on entry-level where the student shows in the interview they have the capability to achieve a higher level, or where in doubt, we ask the CIPS for guidance.

We believe in the importance of developing long-term professional relationships with our students and we do like to discuss the options, courses and costs with you before you start our programmes. We therefore have a selection of open evenings across our centres throughout the year.  Alternatively we can chat through the options on the phone.

“They have a pool of tutors with wide industry experience that helps to illustrate key theory and models”
“A wide variety of teaching methods and learning tools.”
“Great platform to upgrade your knowledge”
“Course administration is efficient and someone is always there to follow your progress and assist when required”