CIPS-logoThroughout the world, CIPS courses are recognised as driving leading edge thinking and professionalism within the profession.

Each qualification has been developed by CIPS after working closely with industry partners to make sure they reflect current, emerging and best practice in procurement and supply chain management.

CIPS Courses

Exceptional Results

Diploma in Procurement and Supply 83%
Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply 75%
Business Needs in Procurement and Supply 100%
Management in Procurement and Supply 100%

Following a detailed qualifications review CIPS now offer a portfolio of five professional qualifications which are offered worldwide, reflecting the global nature of the profession.

To achieve member status of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (MCIPS), you must complete (by assessment or exemption) the Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply. You also need 3 years’ experience in a position of responsibility in the procurement and supply profession.

These qualifications focus on exploring tried and tested purchasing and supply practices, techniques and theory and the application of these in a business environment. Regardless of whether you are starting your career in purchasing and supply or have been working in the industry for some time, the CIPS procurement courses allow you to develop your skills as you progress your career.

“They have a pool of tutors with wide industry experience that helps to illustrate key theory and models”
“A wide variety of teaching methods and learning tools.”
“Great platform to upgrade your knowledge”
“Course administration is efficient and someone is always there to follow your progress and assist when required”

Online Learning System – Two Week Free Trial

Our student online learning system provides learning support for students studying all CIPS courses. You will be given access to recorded classes, live and recorded webinars, podcasts, course notes as well as reading resources, examples and analysis of exam questions and videos provided by The Oxford Learning Lab.