On 23rd June 2016, 51.9% of British and Commonwealth citizens voted in the European Union referendum. They voted to leave the EU; or, in the words of the Leave campaign, to ‘take back control’. The Brexit vote has led to widespread confusion and uncertainty; the timing of Article 50, what Brexit involves, is it an absolute split from Europe, will we continue to be in the Common Market; what and when are we going to transition and over what period of time? All businesses need navigate through these uncertain times and must be to be prepared for all eventualities.

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  • Group Training /per Delegate £250 +VAT

This new Brexit course will supply you with the skills and competence to put you ahead of the curve: you will ready for action once the key decision come into place and able to navigate through forthcoming opportunities and threats. It provides essential knowledge and understanding to approach these challenging times.

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Course Summary

First of all we look at the history of the EU and how this union came about.  Moving on to the process of leaving the EU.  Analysing the possible implications that the process will have on business and in particular procurement and supply. The course will require group thinking about the impact and concerns that face business moving forwards towards the triggering of Article 50.

Brexit – Summary and Tactics for Procurement & Supply PDF


Looking at how to mitigate the risks and plan for the future whilst identifying the opportunities.  The models that can be applied to assess the risks of Brexit.  Exploring each of the various political exit options whilst analysing other countries approaches. In particular we look at procurement and supply and what Brexit will mean to organisations and professionals and the impact of this in specific areas.


Finally we will look at how we can explore new opportunities and emerging markets.  How to survey new supply markets and the models that can assist in understanding and evaluating these.

Course Structure

We recommend this course is undertaken as a group training to fully benefit from the discussions and analysis the group discussions provide. We do however have an online offering which can be assessed through our Learning Management System.

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Group Training/per Delegate £250 +VAT.
Online Access £100 +VAT.

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