The Gateway to Procurement and Supply is an exclusive non assessed short course designed by the Oxford College of Procurement and Supply.

We find that many students ask for the wrong courses. For example, some people who already have purchasing experience ask for the lower level CIPS courses. They do not realise that they may be able to go straight on to the Diploma level after completing our Gateway to Procurement and Supply Procurement  programme. This is a basic purchasing and supply course  broadly covering the topics listed in Level 3. This foundation  may enable delegates to enter studies at a higher level thus saving time and money! It will also enable students entering at a higher level with an overview of the lower level course.

The Gateway to Procurement and Supply covers the core content from the level 3 Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply to enable students going on at the level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply to prepare for their new course. The Gateway is free of charge to students who enrol and pay for the Diploma in Procurement and Supply course or another full course with the College.

Course Details

Course Content

Session 1 – Introduction and Context
Session 2 – Study Skills
Session 3 – Procurement and Supply Environments
Session 4 – Procurement and Supply Operations
Session 5 – Procurement and Supply Workflow
Session 6 – Inventory and Logistics Operations
Session 7 – Procurement and Supply Relationships
Session 8 – Exam Techniques and Next Steps

The Gateway programme is also perfect for students who:

  • who feel they are able to skip the Advanced Certificate Programme and would like to start at a higher level
  • who wish to start on the full Diploma programme, but who have been away from academic study for a few years and need a confidence booster
  • who are studying on their own and would like additional guidance
  • who have studied and failed their exams and would like to have additional learning material
  • who have already started their studies with another college, and would like to listen to our top CIPS tutors explain and get further information
  • who have not studied a course, but would just like to learn and pick up new skills without taking a formal assessment
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